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The Commander enjoys being a leader during a decision process. and is always prepared to step into a vacuum because they know their skills allow them to understand and make high-level strategic decisions.


The Builder is able to take in all the information around them and know where to focus their energy or how to push their team. The Builder appreciates a good plan, but they are perhaps a little less excited about creating the plan than they are making it happen.


The Engineer is detail-oriented and able to look at every aspect of a problem before making a decision. They approach problems logically, willing to separate emotions from the calculus if needed. The Engineer can easily define what success looks like, and measure yourself on how well you meet those goals.


The Planner is detail-oriented, organized, and reliable. They try to approach situations in a logical way and develop a methodology they can follow in their decision-making. The Planner sets goals and is focused on reaching them but also recognizes that other people may provide a useful or unique perspective.


The Coordinator is always seeking to understand what decision works best for everyone. As far as the Coordinator is concerned, an organization is only as strong as the people who compose it, so they want to make sure everyone is comfortable, fulfilled, and involved.


The Relator is always balancing their desire to understand how a process will work with their perception of how others will participate and invest. The Relator is careful to give those around them a chance to speak and voice their opinion, and thus they are perceived as a strong team player.


The Promoter is able to connect with anyone around and create stories for others to buy into. The Promoter always has a detailed vision of the world and strives for harmony in decision making so they can bring their vision to life.


The Conductor is full of energy and emotion when making decisions. The Conductor deeply values relationships with friends and family, and prioritizes them when problem-solving. It’s easy for to connect with and meet new people, and the Conductor is constantly refining their vision as their develop relationships.

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