The First Certification to Leverage Purpose in Business and Life


Key Benefits

Launch a new business or enhance your current offerings

Gain access to exclusive content, webinars, and resources to help you in your business. Also access a community of like-minded peers.


Access a community of like-minded peers to learn best practices, join accountability groups, and network.


Leverage the Go Beyond platform to better service clients and deliver content. Our platform is easy-to-use, beautifully designed, and appealing.

Rali Platform

We've partnered with Rali to provide our CPMs with a suite of content and tools capable of servicing individuals up to enterprise-level clients.

Why build with purpose?

Purpose is the key to a fulfilling & impactful life

Build deeper relationships

Enjoy meaningful work

Create renewable energy

Become your best self

Become a CPM

What makes the CPM Program unique?

Purpose-Centered Certification
People-Centered Technology
Built for You
Purpose-Centered Certification

While most financial advisors, coaches, and HR professionals recognize the importance of purpose in our daily lives, there are no certifications designed to help you implement purpose-definition into your work.

People-Centered Technology

We design our technology and tools with both the client and the partner in mind. We focus on how technology can help advisors and coaches better serve their clients, not replace them.

Built for You

Our certification program currently has three Tracks: HR Professionals, Coaches, and Financial Advisors. During the certification program, you will get industry-specific advice about how to use the certification and tools to achieve your goals.

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Certification is $2,500