What is an Individual Purpose Account™?

Think of an IPA as a monthly savings account that you will use to fund purpose-centered activities throughout your life

Fund your purpose with a dedicated account

What makes an Individual Purpose Account unique?

Go Beyond believes in aligning your five missions with your Individual Purpose Account (IPA).  These five missions are:
Family | Friends | Career | Community | Cause.

Each pay period you will deposit money into your IPA account to be used across your five missions, however you choose.  As you save money in your IPA you will have a budgeted dollar amount to donate into something that aligns with your purpose. Using your IPA throughout the year can be a deeply enriching experience and offer fulfillment in your life. Some previous examples of how the IPA has been used:

  • Family member needed a car repair
  • During the holidays, purchasing gifts for needy children through the Secret Santa Program
  • GoFundMe for a local family that lost everything in a house fire
  • Helping a friend pay for childcare during a difficult time
  • Donation to your favorite charity
  • Purchasing gifts cards for delivery people, mailmen, sanitation workers, etc.
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